About Green Escape

The GREEN ESCAPE is a business complex, located in New Belgrade, on the excellent location surrounded by greenery, next to the highway M1 and represents the latest in a series of the development projects, which are in the wider area of the city and in the immediate surroundings, realized the company IMEL. This complex is situated in the green surroundings, on the edge of the urban area, with excellent transport links to the city center, as well as close to the airport – urban green environment.

The GREEN ESCAPE consists of three plots, designed for the business and commercial facilities, where is planned the construction of office buildings with the multifunctional contents, and is fully equipped with the infrastructure for those purposes. The entire complex is being developed as a new business center that offers many benefits and the additional values, compared to the standard offer of office space in Belgrade. The arrangement of the space is conceived as a new city business zone – a business district – with a wide range of the offered content, which in addition to the office space in the three buildings, offers the compatible hotel capacities, the business suites, the conference rooms, the rent offices, the spa with a swimming pool and all facilities, the gym, the sports fields, the running tracks, the babysitting services, the shopping parts with the shops and services, etc. The same ambience and the environment of this new business area, represents a new city corner with the landscaped square, the decorative greenery, the water areas, fountains and with a lot of indoor and outdoor space for sitting, relaxing and informal businesses, which is in function throughout the year – the new modern multi-functional business district.

The conceptual approach to the composition, the arrangement and the design of this space, reflects a combination of green and natural organic materials on the one hand, and the urban and distinctive atmosphere of the Soho style, interpreted through the organization, form and materialization of the open spaces and of the same buildings, forming this neighborhood – a urban organic concept.

All three buildings in this complex are designed as a modern, technologically advanced and functional business premises, which, within its capacities, can accept with the flexibility the variety of the program contents that can occur in the context of the commercial activities, as well as to and fulfill all of the specific requirements of future clients. In this way, the client receives a business building, which is customized on own needs – a technology advanced tailor-made space.

The BUILDING K1 positioned in the longitudinal plot toward the highway and has the link with it in the close proximity. The corresponding plot belongs to it, and on this plot it is located the parking space with the controlled access, with the there is a possibility to expand the capacity of parking space outside of the boundaries of the plot, in the zone along the highway.  In addition, the building has the underground floors, intended for garaging of the vehicles and the placing of the related service, technical and storage spaces, which have the controlled access.

In terms of the functional organization, this building has the three vertical cores with the elevators and staircases, that allow the vertical communication between all floors, which also represent the evacuation routes. This disposition of communications, allows a numerous of combinations in the organization, the distribution and in the zoning content, within the working area. The three vertical cores provide the three separate entrances, which are separated on the ground floor and connected on the level of the first floor. In this way, there is provided a high level of functionality, that provides the ability, not only to horizontal but also to the vertical functional division of space, in more wholes, or the controlled function with three entrances in different operating modes, that are adapted to the client needs.  Also, the connection of all entrances, in the zone of the first floor, provides the placing of the common, public and semi-public facilities in these two zones, with their clear control, so on that way is hereby significantly increased the surface area, which may be within such a purpose – the restaurant, the training rooms, as well as the workshops, the library, …) – a functionality and flexibility.

The central entrance is definitely the main entrance, because of his position that allows the equal entrance to the building, as from the side of parking space and from the side of the central square and the street, and with its internal organization is provided the controlled access to all parts of the building. Therefore, this area was highlighted by its transparency, the surface area and by its volume, which extends through the two-floor height, providing the clear space and height up to 7m. The organization of the central entrance hall provides a high flow of employees in the prime time of their arrival and departure from work, and also represents a very attractive and representative public hall, which can be a fantastic place for permanent or thematic exhibitions, as well as for the organizing of the public and corporate events. The impression of the majestic entrance is further emphasized, by the design of its accession part through the water surfaces, the double-story height colonnade pillars, the texture and design of the external decoration, the attractive lighting and greenery – the grand entrance.

In accordance with the concept of the whole building, the same office space, in organizational and technical terms, is functional and flexible. It can function as an open space, but in the same time, it can also be organized in the wholes and can be partitioned, in accordance with user needs (the management offices, the meeting rooms, the rooms with special requirements etc.). The building is conceived and designed on that way, to promote the connection of the open and closed spaces, that are intertwined in a controlled manner, giving a new quality and dimension to the working environment – access to open air. Its users will have the direct and easy access to open terraces and to the green areas, which are not in line of sight and at disposal of all employees, so they actually can to become a part of the working environment – green office. The special emphasis is given to the building’s glassed corner spaces – corner offices – which are intensified through the design and form of the facade. They have the special places and make the most attractive parts of the typical floor space, filled with the natural light and with the wide views.

The withdrawn floor represents the most attractive part of the building, because its broad glass front with terraces and greenery, gives the best working environment, with panoramic views towards the surroundings and direct access to the open air. That is why this part of the building is particularly interesting for the positioning of the contents, such as premises for the top management, the creative activities, the conference hall of great height, the gym, the facilities for care of children etc., because in their inside part may be contented and controlled the open spaces with very attractive landscaped areas – green terraces.

Above the withdrawn floor is a fantastic open green roof with additional contents, intended for the sports, recreation and relaxation of the employees, which is definitely a unique quality of the offered office space in the region, which actually becomes a necessary component of the modern business environment in which this concept insists – nature at hand – work health.

The GREEN ESCAPE is a project that will become synonym for the stylish, modern, technologically advanced, but also healthy, rational, sustainable and human working environment, that represents a step towards the future in the development of the business environments in this region.